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Here are some general guidelines to be aware of when completing your application. Check back as the guidelines will be updated and a FAQs section will be added.

The four criteria we use is as follows:

Is it awesome? Awesome can be defined a number of ways. We are looking for unique, interesting, impactful. But it could be crazy, weird as well.

Does it directly benefit Greater Phoenix? We want the awesome to happen in the Valley of the Sun.

Will $1,000 make an actual impact? Some organizations are well-funded, so we are more interested in helping those that aren't. While $1,000 isn't much, it can be a jumpstart to putting your idea on the map. It isn't necessary that the project only be funded with $1,000, but if you are in need of $10,000 and this is some money to add to the pot this may not be the grant for your project (not that your project wouldn't be awesome). This is a micro-grant for micro-projects, if you will, but projects that will do the most awesome for what it is worth. 

Is it immediately actionable? We want immediate awesome in the community. If your project is a year or more away, you may want to consider waiting to apply. All in all, we love seeing projects happen within a year.

Currently we are doing grants every other month (during the odd-numbered months). After our initial year we will move to monthly grants so we can fund more awesome!

If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer them. Just send us an email from the Home page or at phoenix(at)awesomefoundation.org.

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